Rubber Glow – Tyre Dressing


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Rubber Glow

Tyres are one of the first things you notice on your vehicle, besides the alloys and faded dreary tyres can remove all appeal from a perfectly maintained vehicle. Our solvent based tyre dressing ensures that your rubber is always on point, with a deep rich natural colour, which will bring them back to life for weeks to come.


Apply on an applicator or brush, remember a little goes a long way with our products. Gently apply the dressing to the tyres ensuring that you get complete coverage. Once complete, your wheels should now be a deep rich black.

For Best Results

Do not over-apply product to the wheels to prevent sling, a little goes a long way.


Additional information




50mm x 50mm x 160mm

Safety & Contains

Hydrocarbons, C9-11, N-alkanes, Cyclics, <2% aromatics

This chemical contains ingredients that may cause irritation on the skin or eyes when in use. Ensure you wear protective clothing, especially for skin, eyes and mouth. Ensure you wash these thoroughly after use.

Keep This Away From Children

If contact occurs, then rinse your eyes and skin thoroughly without rubbing for several minutes to relieve irritation. Seek medical advice after, especially if irritation persists, product is ingested, inhaled or symptoms arise following contact.


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