Winter Rain – Snow Foam


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Winter Rain

Snow foam is an essential part of any valeting or detailing routine. Our concentrated pH neutral snow foam offers amazing results for cleaning while producing a luxurious foam that will help loosen dirt prior to cleaning. With this concentrate, you should get around 10 – 20 safe car washes from this bottle. A little goes a long way with our products.


Dilute the product 1:9 with distilled water for heavily soiled vehicles and thick foam or dilute the product 1:19 with distilled water for lightly soiled vehicles. After measurement, pour into your snow foam cannon and spray onto the vehicle. Allow to dwell for 1-5 minutes and then rinse off.

For Best Results

Do not use in direct sunlight. If this is unavoidable then rinse off if product starts drying out.


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50mm x 50mm x 160mm

Safety & Contains

> 30% anionic surfactants, 5-<15% amphoteric surfactants, 5-<15% non-ionic surfactants, <5% EDTA and salts thereof, TETRASODIUM ETHYLENE DIAMINE TETRAACETATE.

This chemical contains ingredients that may cause irritation on the skin or eyes when in use. Ensure you wear protective clothing, especially for skin, eyes and mouth. Ensure you wash these thoroughly after use.

If contact occurs, then rinse your eyes and skin thoroughly without rubbing for several minutes to relieve irritation. Seek medical advice after, especially if irritation persists, product is ingested, inhaled or symptoms arise following contact.

Keep This Away From Children


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